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Jordinswetof OnlyFans Model who appeared in boob grabbing fake traffic stop video with Ex-Nashville Cop Sean Herman. The explicit nude video of her tits/ boobs being grabbed by the police officer was posted in her Onlyfans account before the leak. The video, titled “Can’t believe he didn’t arrest me,” features the officer engaging in inappropriate conduct, including groping a woman’s breasts. This incident has sparked widespread outrage and led to immediate action by the Metro Nashville Police Department, highlighting significant ethical concerns within the force.

The controversy centers around an adult comedy video titled “Can’t believe he didn’t arrest me,” posted on OnlyFans by OnlyFans model Jordinswetof. In the adult comedy video, Jordinswetof is seen being pulled over by a Nashville police officer Johnson played by Metro Nashville Police Officer Sean Herman. The adult comedy skit begins with Jordinswetof and a nervous female passenger discussing her speeding, followed by Officer Johnson approaching her car window.

The 33-year-old was arrested at his home and charged with two counts of official misconduct Thursday.

The ex-cop was wearing his uniform during the X-rated video that was produced by local celeb Jordin, police previously said.

You won’t believe the latest scandal involving a Metro Nashville Police Department officer. Sean Herman was fired after participating in an explicit OnlyFans video with OnlyFans model Jordinswetof while he was in uniform. The video, which features a fake traffic stop, has caused quite a stir.

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