Maggie Wu Nude With Justin Lee Scandal!


Taiwan Maggie Wu sex tape and nudes leaked online with Justin Lee Scandal. Taiwanese model turn actress Maggie Wu Ya Xin ( 吳亞馨) is seen engaging in several sexual private photoshoots with playboy Justin Lee formerly Li Zhong-Rui (李宗瑞) on many different occasions. The 28 year-old model even take a shower in front of the camera while her lover take pictures. Maggie Wu is seen topless and looking into the camera while posing with Justin Lee in several photographs and she is also seen with Justin’s penis in her month while her eyes are closed.

The police has confirmed Taiwanese actress and model, Maggie Wu (吴亚馨) to be a victim in Justin Lee’s (李宗瑞) sex photos scandal. Maggie initially scheduled a media conference on August 18th to explain the scandal publicly, under the company of her mother and Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu Hua (許淑華). Facing tremendous pressure and constant public scrutiny, Maggie reportedly had an emotional breakdown and called off the media conference.


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